Having Troubles Memorising for Exams?
Keys to Memorisation
Written by Dr Hugo
Believe it or not. You already have a very good memory.

The common problem is, not everyone is using their memory properly.

People that are having troubles with their memory aren’t speaking the language of your mind

Like if you try to speak English to someone who only speak Italian. You would think they don’t understand you at all.

Likewise that Italian guy doesn’t know what the heck you are talking about

So you need to speak the same language as your mind to make use of its enormous power.

And yes, it is right inside you at this moment.

You just need to learn the right way to make your mind memorise the things you want.

Imagine your mind like a supercomputer with terabytes upon terabytes of storage.

Every second your environment will feed you information and it will be stored. Believe it or not.

Everything that you have seen, heard, felt, tasted or experienced is stored. Right inside your mind.

As you receive this information passively, these files will be stored in your harddrive at a random location with a random file name.

You will have trouble retrieving this because when you look on the computer, you don’t know which folder to look into. You can’t use the search function either because the file name is random as well.

But if these files are organised properly, it makes finding them and recalling them effortlessly later.

Remember: The Language of your Mind is Imagery

Works don't work so well for our brain. This is why you can read a sentence 10 times out loud and you will forget it in an hour. It is just like you are speaking English to the Italian guy.

Except the Italian guy is your mind. Your mind just wouldn't understand you.

What you need to do is to speak Italian to the Italian guy

And your mind speaks in the language of IMAGERY.

What If I tell you now

Whatever you do, don't think of a pink elephant.

What did you just think about?

A Pink Elephant.

Even if you try not to think in images, you will think in images.

Next time if you have troubles memorising information. Try and convert the information into imagery and your mind will love you for doing that.

Dr Hugo Lau (BPharm, M.D.)

Dr Hugo helps students get excellent grades in high school and university by teaching them a Complete Study System that focuses on studying SMARTER, not HARDER. He is an expert in identifying students' study inefficiencies and installing new efficient study methods so students are able to have FREE TIME, SLEEP, SOCIAL LIFE AND EXCELLENT GRADES.

If you're interested in improving your grades then definitely reach out and request a free 1-on-1 study strategy session with Dr Hugo today.
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